Welcome at UniEquip

Welcome to our internet site, where you will find our complete range of products for the laboratory. UniEquip is a customer oriented manufacturing organization providing our customers with quality products, services and innovative solutions since over 40 years.

UniEquip develops, manufactures and supplies instruments such as Autoclaves, Safety Cabinets, Freeze Dryer, Laboratory Deep Freezer, CO2 Incubators, Centrifuges, Vacuum Concentrator Centrifuges, Laboratory Shaker, Laboratory Freezer, Laboratory Vacuum Pumps, and so on.

Cold Traps

Cold traps - freeze dryer
... also as duo version


We supply instruments
for all kinds of shaking movements rotation, rocking....


Need CO2? Need Cooling?
Or just a clever & worthwhile solution.


From gel to analysis


Unichromats - Constant cooling for your HPLC-system


Sterilization for all demands. Different ranges - variable solutions

Lab Equipment

General equipment for all purposes

Vacuum Pumps

Rotary Pumps - Diaphragm Pumps - Waterjet Pumps with interesting abilities


Simple & clever vortexing solutions


Ovens for all demands ... need vacuum?

Laminar Flow

We supply instruments for the whole range of needing for safety cabinets

Laboratory Freezer / Deep Freezer

We supply the cooling for your demands


Mini-, high speed & cooled centrifuges

Water Bath

Normal baths or with different shaker applications